We are pleased to welcoming you to our practice and to give guidance to our small patients together with  their family during the years to come.

We are committed to providing the highest medical care available in a compassionate, family-friendly environment conducive to infants, children and adolescents.

We are dedicated to listen carefully to the particular problems of your child and to your concerns as parents.

It is our aim to give our best advise adapted individually and to the personality of your child and work with you raising a healthy family.


20 rue du Mont-Blanc

1201 Genève


Dr Ziegler 022-732.56.72/Dr von Planta 022-715.02.60


08.10 | 22:00

What is your email address or telephone number so we can contact you?
Best regards

08.10 | 21:54

Vous pouvez nous téléphoner lundi pour prendre rendez-vous dès 9h, au 022-732.56.72.
Meilleures salutations

08.10 | 12:37


J'aimerais prendre rdv pour ma fille de 4 ans qui présente des signes d'allergies alimentaires et qui fréquente l'ecole primaire avec parascolaires.

26.09 | 16:14

Hello, I did not find an email address and there is no way to leave a message in your telephone system. Please contact me by email regarding my daughter’s visit